World Cup Final on Twitter

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Perhaps surprisingly the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina did not break the volume of Twitter traffic generated by Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals. That game remains the most discussed sports game on Twitter so far with a record 35.6 million tweets sent during the 90-minute game.

However the final did break the tweets-per-minute record, when the final whistle went and Germany was champion. This triggered 618,725 tweets in one minute.

Not surprisingly the most tweeted German player was goal scorer Mario Gotze, while for Argentina it was Lionel Messi.

Over the entire tournament Twitter registered 672 million World Cup related tweets. The three most tweeted players were Neymar, Messi, and Suarez.

Facebook reported 88 million people globally had more than 280 million Facebook interactions (posts, comments, and likes) related to the World Cup, breaking the record for a sporting event, previously held by the Super Bowl in 2013 (145 million). The 88 million included 10.5 million people in the United States, 10 million people in Brazil, more than 7 million in Argentina, and about 5 million in Germany.

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Brazil x Germany the most Tweeted sporting event ever

Twit Germ 1Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals has become the most discussed sports game on Twitter so far. A record 35.6 million tweets were sent during the 90-minute game.

The game also broke the tweets-per-minute record, when the fifth goal triggered 580,601 in one minute.

Twit Germ 2Six of the 10 top-trending topics on Twitter on 8 July were references to the match, with #BrazilvsGermany taking the top spot.

Miroslav Klose was the most tweeted German player, followed by midfielder Toni Kroos. Julio Cesar, Oscar and Fred were the most tweeted Brazilian players.

Twit Germ 3The previous record for a sporting event on Twitter was set by a previous 2014 World Cup match, Brazil v Chile, which recorded 389,000 tweets per minute.

Previous to that the 2014 Superbowl held the record, with 382,000 tweets per minute.

The game between Germany and Brazil has also broken records to become the most-watched TV programme ever in Germany.

German broadcaster ZDF said the match was watched by an average 32.6 million viewers, making it the highest-rated show since viewing data began to be collected in Germany.

The match gave the channel a 87.8 per cent share of viewers watching TV in the country at the time, which is also one of the highest figures ever.

The figures suggest 40 per cent of the country’s 80 million citizens tuned in to watch the semi-final, but does not include data for larger groups of people that watched the game together.

In the UK, the BBC reported that the game attracted a peak audience of 14 million, and an average of 13.4 million,  a very large number for a non England game.

12.2 million Tweets for opening World Cup game

TweetsTwitter has reported that it tracked 12.2 million Tweets linked to the opening game of the FIFA World Cup between Brazil and Croatia. It also recorded an increase in Neymar’s followers from 10.8 million to 10.98 million, but still way behind Ronaldo’s 26 million followers.

World Cup the Guide also had a record number of visitors to this site on the opening day, 5,095, with a further 2,873 visiting the sister site Brazil the Guide.

You can follow World Cup the Guide on Twitter @WC_Guide_2014

How the opening game played out on Twitter

How the opening game played out on Twitter