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WC guide 2014 CoverThe Kindle version of this web site aimed to help to satisfy the demand of people travelling to Brazil or simply watching the tournament at home who would like to have the information on to hand, even when the were off-line.

This text only version of World Cup: The Guide aimed to help fans quickly and easily discover where they needed to travel to in Brazil and how to enjoy and understand the FIFA World Cup, be they in Brazil or sitting on the sofa.

It explains in partnership with this site and its sister guide and site, Brazil: The Guide, what the fans required to plan and what to see and do while they were in Brazil. No fuss, no puff, just what they actually needed to know at the time of the World Cup, be it that they were in the region at the time on business or leisure. The pleasure – in Brazil – is a given.

All of this for the bargain price of just £1.83, for example, from Amazon in the UK.

The Kindle version of World Cup: The Guide is also available globally direct from your local Amazon or Kindle store.











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A kindle version of the site –  – is also available if you are travelling to Brazil. For the links of where to buy Brazil: The Guide CLICK HERE

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