On the Spot!

JD Football has created a study that looks at where players typically aim to score and which parts of the net have the most success rate based on the penalty habits of current World Cup players.

JD Football has used the data from 315 penalties to gather an average and also includes the direction that goalkeepers typically dive or go toward.

Amongst the key findings are:

  • Most penalties are both saved and scored in the bottom left
  • 49% of penalties were saved to the left third of the net
  • 76% of keepers went either left or right, with fewer staying middle
  • The top left has the highest guarantee of scoring although most players are reluctant to take the risk
  • Just 12% of penalties were scored in the top corners of the net
  • Most penalties were scored in the bottom left of the goal 
  • The fewest penalties are scored in the top centre 


For more information visit the JD Sports blog.