Ticket sales strong for Confederations Cup

More than 86 per cent of the 426,343 assigned tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup have been directly distributed to the general public following the ballot triggered by the first public sales phase. The lottery allocated 209,692 tickets among the 399,525 ticket requests received during the first public sales phase, which ended on 15 January 2013.

In total, footballs fans resident in 138 different countries have bought tickets so far. During the first public sales phase for the FIFA Confederations Cup, the host nation Brazil leads the way in terms of successful applicants, with 98 per cent, followed in descending order by the USA, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Germany, Italy and England.

The second public tickets sales phase, following the ‘first come, first served’ principle, began on 15 February. In total, FIFA says, approximately 291,200 tickets are still available for those who would like to see the eight high-profile teams live at the stadiums during the ‘Festival of Champions’ from 15 to 30 June 2013.

As of 15 February there were no longer tickets available for the opening match between hosts Brazil and Japan on 15 June in Brasilia, or the Group A match between Italy and Brazil in Salvador. There was a limited number of tickets available for the final on 30 June in the Maracana.

As per FIFA’s promise to make its events accessible to all Brazilians, already 75,556 tickets have been assigned for Category 4, which is exclusively for residents of the host country, and 25,000 more than stipulated in the General Bill.

Overall 67,582 tickets have been purchased in Cat 1, 84,503 in CAT2 and 113,790 in Cat 3. Furthermore, 51,473 tickets were sold to FIFA’s sponsors, the majority of which will run promotional activities offering fans the chance to win those tickets. 16,184 tickets have been bought by the participating teams, while 9,734 seats have been sold as part of the hospitality packages by MATCH Hospitality.

Tickets for the Confederations Cup can be bought directly from FIFA by CLICKING HERE