The 2022, 2018 and 2014 World Cups

Welcome to the guide to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and a record of what went on at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

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Launched in 2013, World Cup: The Guide, was aimed to help fans to quickly and easily discover where they needed to travel to in Brazil and how to best enjoy the FIFA World Cup in 2014. It was linked to its sister sites Brazil: The Guide and Rio: The Guide.

With the end of the tournament – won by Germany on 13 July 2014 – this site became a record and the story of the 2014 World Cup, a tournament that is considered by many to be the greatest World Cup ever. The pages linked to the 2014 World Cup have been archived to read at your leisure. Just click on “2014 World Cup“. The site is also a look back over the 2018 World Cup.

The site now looks forward to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar that is scheduled to take place from Sunday, 20 November through to the final on Sunday, 18 December 2022. 24 of the 32 teams playing Qatar played in the 2018 tournaments in Russian and 20 played in 2014 in Brazil.

russia_2018_fifa_patternThere was some continuity between the Russia and Brazil World Cups. For example, other than host Russia, Brazil was the first country to qualify for the 2018 tournament. In total, 20 of the teams that played in Brazil were among the 32 sides playing in Russia, including both finalists France and Croatia. 22 teams heading for Qatar played in Russia and 20 played in Brazil.

Make sure you check “Latest News” to see how the 2022 and 2026 FIFA World Cups are developing and how the tournaments in Russia and Brazil developed.


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